Diversity Coaching

Being different in the majority society often means pressure to adapt, not being understood or being discriminated against. This can lead to uncertainty, loss of self-confidence.

Together we find access to your own resources, shed light on your beliefs and change perspectives. With increasing self-confidence and confidence, you appear more confident and feel more comfortable and complete.


People who are looking for my support:

  • female employees (from male-dominated industries)

  • self-employed womxn

  • Young professionals

  • lesbian, gay, bi, trans* and asexual people and everyone in between and outside (LGBTQIA*)

  • Rainbow families

  • Black Indigenous Persons of Color (BIPoC/PoC)

  • Parents of children of color

  • Allies / Supporters / Anti-racists

Gruppe diverser Frauen

What you can expect from 1: 1 coaching

  • In 1: 1 coaching, we first define your goal and set priorities.

  • You will discover your strengths and strengthen your resources sustainably in order to react more confidently to discrimination and gain action.

  • You understand the power system in which you are moving and can thus change your perspective and break away from false beliefs.

  • Action plans and more quick wit

  • To live your true identity - confident, confident and confident.

  • You will feel more comfortable and complete due to better mental health and regained stability.

  • You will be strong enough to support your family and children.

Possible concerns:

  • Discrimination based on disability, gender, sexual orientation, skin color or religion

  • Insecurity, withdrawal and lack of self-confidence due to discrimination

  • Understand power systems and discrimination

  • Outing in work and / or private life

  • Discover and consolidate your own identity

  • Overcome fears, gain self-confidence, develop assertiveness

  • Gain self-confidence

  • Get ready to hit

  • Find balance in family life

Would you like to get to know me?

No problem! I offer a free 15-minute initial discovery call.

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