5 ½ Key Steps To Your Empowered Self

In order to embark on the journey to empowerment, it is first important to understand what empowerment really means.

What is Empowerment?

Empowerment ensures that individuals have the capacity and opportunity to equip themselves with the tools and knowledge necessary to make decisions, handle difficult situations and to fully live their authentic self.

It’s important to know that there is no specific method of achieving empowerment. What empowers one person might not necessarily work with another person. Human experiences and needs are different and vary depending on the situation. Our identity is influenced by our culture, our environment, our education and much more.

My 5 ½ Key Steps to your empowered Self:

1. Start within yourself

Raise self-awareness for your strengths and know your worth. In order to embrace your identity, build up own confidence first. There are several ways to gain confidence such as reading self-help books, working with a certified coach or getting help from a mentor.

2. Understand systems

Once you understand that we all have biases that cloud our judgments and that we are not aware of, it’s easier to accept that it’s not your personality that people offend but rather the system we are raised in. Biases are illogical preferences or prejudices. They make us ignore any evidence that does not line up with the assumption we have. Also understanding the systematic behind discrimination such as racism, sexism or queerphobia will help you defend yourself and talk back when you feel like addressing the issue.

3. Find your tribe

Look for peers (virtual or in presence) to share experiences, to empower for growth and to support each other – personally and professionally. There are business networks, MeetUps and organizations you can join. The collective empowerment has a huge impact at the individual level.

4. Define your goals

If you haven’t set your goals you cannot walk towards the right direction that will lead you to your goal you want to achieve. Write down what you want and why. As soon as you truly know what you desire, you will be able to take the next steps towards the right way.

5. Put plan into action

Train your competences and skills! Change starts outside your comfort zone. Just like a physical training you need to train your mental power on a regular basis. Maybe you want to schedule certain days in the week (Put it on your calendar before your good intentions evaporate.) to reflect on your progress and specifically work on reaching your goals.

5. ½ Repeat

We develop and advance as we grow – so does our identity. Listen into yourself to check every now and then where you are at.

Change takes time. Be kind and patient with yourself.

If you want support along your journey get in touch with me – I’m happy to support you. Discover more about me here.