empathy, respect & courage

It’s essential to have spaces where we are able to have conversations about difficult topics. Spaces where we can share your fears, ask questions and listen to other perspectives. Racism is a topic nobody enjoys to talk about. But it is essential to have the uncomfortable conversations in order to achieve change.

There is no change without growth.

Yesterday I facilitated a virtual anti-racism workshop. The workshop is designed for White people with no racism experiences. During the feedback round, my participants pointed out that I made it possible to create such a save space for reflecting, sharing experiences and asking all the questions they had. The participants as well as people in my community often tell me that they are intimidated by having a conversation about racism. White people are experiencing a lot of backlash when they speak up against racism. When other White people see this, they might go silent and won’t raise their voice at all. I know this is very complex. And despite having the best intention, it might be that we hurt others with what we are saying and what we are doing. Even though this is exactly what we want to avoid.

My dear Black and Brown sisters and brothers: You are right, we have been waiting for justice for so long. And it feels as if history is repeating and society is only making small progress. I agree.

However, in my workshops and in my counselling, I meet White people who want change, who demand it and who push it forward. It takes time, but something is happening.

Dear White people: Keep going. Your journey will be unpleasant, painful and long. But it is worth it. Do not go on this journey alone; find people who will support you on your way. And please, don’t be silent. No matter which obstacles you might face. Black people are facing obstacles every single day.

Do the work.

Start today.

#Empathy, #respect and #courage.

We need more of these!

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