Mute your bias and turn on courage

She caught my attention through a post about her initiative, Career Women's Empowerment Network. The initiative was born from a desire to take action against systemic racism. When I first read that, I have to be honest: I was a little skeptical, just like so many other BIPoC who do not believe in the honest anti-racist work White people do – or better that they say they would do. We have seen too many times that the so-called ‘Diversity' work is not more than mere lip service.

But after leaving my biases behind me and calling Amy Weidner, I was able to hear her perspective and to learn that she is a true anti-racist in the making. I rarely meet White people who are as passionate, reflective, and honest about the highs and lows of doing the anti-racist work. I guess Amy has not recognized it, but when she told me why she does what she does, I had tears in my eyes. She sees me and my struggles, and even though they are not hers, I felt genuinely understood and supported. That gives me hope.

My advice to you is, to connect with people and listen to their stories – you might be surprised how much you have in common and which great things can evolve from these conversations. To get to that point, you need to overcome your biases and be brave to start the conversation.

Diversify your life!

Meet people who are (seem) different, consume different media, follow different accounts, and dare to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

One last recommendation. Read Amy’s fantastic article about her journey and get inspired to follow her.


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