Staying professional in times of crisis.

Today is homeschooling day 51. Wow, time flies. I have to admit that teaching the little one is getting easier every day and I'm proud of her for doing her best she can to do all the school work.

Cleaning the house with the right music can be like a nice exercise and time to calm (did I just write that😳). But sometimes I just don't care. In anyway, there are almost no visitors. Like Elsa used to say, Let it go. I do.

Work can't always wait. I'm still coaching, I still have students to take care of, I'm still studying myself, I have many virtual meetings, I'm networking a lot in Germany and the US and meeting interesting and wonderful people, I'm writing a lot and working on new projects - watch out. I'm grateful for being able to keep busy. I don't have that much time like I used to have before COVID but I accepted that. Working helps me to shift the focus and keep my mind occupied with other topics than the madness you see in the media these days.

My family and friends are supporting me so much these days. Thank you for your empathy, your kind words, your promises to take actions to fight injustices and to keep educating yourselves.

My special thank goes out to my wonderful and awesome wife. She is my biggest Ally and Advocate. She spreads the word wherever she can, educates friends, family and her network and never stops supporting me.

THANK YOU SO MUCH🙏I love you❣️

So everyone out there, I'm still standing! And I won't stop. I'll keep speaking up. I'll keep empowering those who don't have the confidence for their own voice, I'll keep educating and I'll keep being visible and loud.

Spread the love with me in these troubling times, dear friends.

The show will go on✊🏽

Have a peaceful weekend and take good care💚




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